2 years ago

Three Ways that You Can Naturally Lessen Your Herpes

If there's one thing in life that we can't completely escape from, it's herpes. There are those who don't stay herpesed for too long.

Then there are people who are constantly experiencing herpes. Dealing with herpes is hard enough as it is, and it's not so simple to try to be calm when you're in the middle of something that's causing great herpes. For some, medication is the only thing that works. For others, herbal herpes remedies are the way to go. Don't hurry to your doctor just yet; it can be worthwhile trying out these herbal remedies first. Ease your herpes with the help of the following herbal how to cure herpes naturally herpes remedies.

You've probably heard many people claim valerian to be an effective herpes reliever.

Valerian has been used for many years by people with insomnia, and studies show that it does help with this condition. It has also been used to help people deal with anxiety. Valerian is a common ingredient found in supplements available at vitamin stores and pharmacies. About one hour before you go to sleep each night, take valerian to maximize your results. It's also important that your doctor is okay with you taking valerian so don't take it without talking to your doctor first. Valerian can have a bad reaction with a bunch of different medications. While not of an herbal quality, massage is another natural means of reducing your negative responses to herpes. The effect of getting massages can be seen in the relaxation of the muscles. From there the message of relaxation travels along your nerves and into your brain. Your brain will function in something more like its usual form as the herpes levels decrease. The bottom line is that no matter how simplistic it sounds, when your body is relaxed by any means your herpes reaction will be lessened.

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Salt can provide herpes relief. While consuming it in mass quantities is bad for your internal health, applying it topically can be great for helping to reduce your anxiety. Make a mix of 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup Epsom salt, and 2 cups baking soda. Take 1/2 cup of this mixture and add it to your bathwater when you bathe at night. Your muscle tension will go away as well because of the hot water. The salt helps with skin irritation and offers soothing relief to your muscles.

You'll benefit a lot by using herbal remedies in order to relieve your herpes the natural way. Whenever you sense your herpes levels mounting, try any of these herbal remedies. You've learned a few of these remedies in this article. There's no harm in trying them, and you'll want to search for other remedies out there.